Batteries and Accumulators management

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 88/2018 for batteries and accumulators manufacturer, it is intended anyone, regardless of the sales technique used, to place for the first time on a professional basis used batteries or accumulators on the national market, including those incorporated in appliances or vehicles.

The batteries and accumulators Producer must:

  • sign in with the National Register of Producers of Batteries and Accumulators
  • choose the modalities of financing through the individual or collective system
  • contribute to the financing of management of waste from batteries and accumulators
  • provide information on waste to users
  • transmit the input data on the market to the Producers Register

By adhering to the ECOEM Consortium , the Producer fulfills the obligations envisaged for those batteries or accumulators on the National market and contribute to financing the collection and treatment as established by law. With ECOEM the manufacturer is in good standing and can count on the direct advice and constant support.