Privacy Policy


Below you can see our new GDPR compliant privacy policy, pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulation UE 2016/679 GDPR.

Privacy policy Consorzio Ecoem

For Consorzio Ecoem, via Irno Loc. Sardone, snc, 84098 Pontecagnano Faiano, Salerno (hereinafter: Ecoem), protecting your personal data is a priority. We comply with all relevant data protection legislation and the following privacy notice is intended to provide transparency about how we handle your personal data.

Personal data and the provision of services

When you order one of our products, we only ask for information that is essential to deliver our products and services to you or for invoicing reasons. In most cases this is limited to name, address, contact data and bank details.

  1. Contract and invoicing data

Prior to sign up

On the web pages we offer prospective and actual customers practical tools and services. The tool needs only some basic address data. For the best results and continuous improvement of our services, your entries are recorded anonymously.

Sign up

Upon ordering our products, we ask for data we need to provision the services. Your data is stored securely on our systems and you are able to change your data by sending an email to


In order to provide you with transparent billing, it is necessary to temporarily store certain usage data. Whether your product usage data is recorded, will be in the respective product chapter in this privacy notice.

  1. Usage and content data

 Usage data

We aim to provide quality and reliability but on occasion, issues may arise. In order to react quickly, it may be necessary to temporarily record usage and traffic data to provide to our Support staff. We do this to ensure we fulfil our obligations to you and to design products and services aligned to your needs

Content data

In order to protect your data and for maintenance purposes, we create and file encrypted backups.


  1. Usage of your data

 The usage of your personal data

Some of your personal data we need for processing your order and for providing customer focused services.

Data processing upon receiving your order

Our commitment to you is to provide value for money top products and services to our customers. In order to ensure smooth and trouble-free order processes, your order is thoroughly vetted and invest in fraud prevention before confirming your contract.

Contract and customer information

You will receive from us by email the information for the activation of the product you have chosen. Ecoem will use the email address you have provided.

 Product information

In order to fully capture the benefits of our products, we send you tips, tricks and useful complementing product solutions by email. We may also inform you about interesting new products via telephone, provided that you have consented to receive such information. If you wish to stop receiving information of this kind, you can always revoke your consent by sending an email to

Usage data as part of our services and products

Certain data is recorded during use of our products and services to enable us to identify issues with our products and to continuously improve our products and services. In order to ensure the safety of your personal data, we pseudonymise or anonymise such personal data prior to any analysis.


We merely process such data on your behalf, subject to our Terms and Conditions and you are responsible for any applicable legal requirements in respect of your content. Therefore, any video, image, or other content posted, uploaded or otherwise made available by you onto your website, whether published content or not, is not subject to our Privacy Notice.

Opinion polls

In order to offer you the best possible products and services, we do need your support. Therefore, we send out surveys to our customers from time to time via email or provide them on our websites. Participation in these surveys is optional and you may revoke your consent to receiving opinion polls from us after the first email.

  1. Transferring data to third parties

 External partner companies

As we work with selected partners to offer you a wide range of products and sometimes act as an intermediary for our partners, it is necessary to transfer certain personal data to third parties.

Law enforcement

Occasionally, we are obliged to disclose personal data to prosecution authorities and courts for law enforcement purposes. We always ask for the correct paperwork before disclosing any information.

Reporting of faulty products and fraud

In case of faulty products or disagreements and we are committed to seek amicable solutions. Is this not possible, we evaluate the situation carefully, when and to whom we report faulty products or fraudulent usage.