Photovoltaic management

According to the directive WEEE Legislative Decree 49/2014, is foreseen that photovoltaic panels are being considered “electrical and electronic equipment” (EEE) and therefore at the end of their utility they must be managed as WEEE.

With the acception of the Environmental Bill it was established that for the domestic and professional photovoltaic modules placed on the market since February 2016, the manufacturers through the collective systems to which they adhere, establish a system of financial guarantee and geolocation.

The ECOEM Consortium is recognized by the National Energy Services Manager as a Collective System for the collection, transport, treatment and recycling of photovoltaic modules at the end of their utility. The ECOEM Consortium represents the main producers/ importers of photovoltaic modules on behalf of which it offers the services necessary for arrangements in accordance with current laws and operating rules.

By adhering to the ECOEM Consortium, the Photovoltaic Module Producer is immediately in order and can count on direct consultancy and constant support.