Waste Categories: WEEE

WEEE is the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, that is, all waste deriving from devices that use electricity for their functioning, including all components and materials that are an integral part of the product in the moment when the decision is made to dispose of it.

They are divided into 6 categories:

  • Temperature exchange equipment
  • Screens, monitors and equipment with screens having a surface area greater than 100 cm2
  • Lamps
  • Large equipment
  • Small equipment
  • Small IT and telecommunications equipment (with no external dimension greater than 50 cm)

WEEE can also be of 2 types, depending on the origin: domestic WEEE, generated by households and the professional WEEE, produced by companies and by administrative and economic activities.

From August 2018, the legislation provides for an open scope of application, ie that includes not only the categories indicated above but any electrical and electronic equipment that is not explicitly excluded.